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14 June 2017


Introducing Canacurmin... A Turmeric-Hemp powerhouse

We are so excited to be introducing Canacurmin, the new kid on the block from our firends at North American Herb and Spice (NAHS).  Canacurmin combines the power of wild turmeric and organic hemp stalk extract to support a whole body nervous system and healthy anti-inflammatory response. As you would expect from the clever people at NAHS the quality of the product is exceptional.  THe hemp stalk extract is certified organic and the tumeric extract is 100% wild.  The tumeric is made exclusively from the wild-growing spice thriving without farming or cultivation and, because it is wild, it is free of all pesticides and herbicides.  This, combined with the fact that supercritical CO2 extraction is used (meaning it is rich in all the naturally occurring compounds found in both hemp stalk and turmeric) makes Canacurmin a powerhouse not to miss.  To give an added boost it also contains synergizing spice oils, wild oils or oregano and rosemary, and organic source ginger! 

Canacurmin is free of all GMOs and no GM substances are used in processing,  It is also free of all chemical additives and excipients just as it should be! 

Please visit us at oliveleaf.co.uk to place your Canacurmin order.


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29 March 2017

The Wild Turmeric Cure



Here it is!  We are proud to be stocking our good friend and world renowned author Dr Cass Ingram’s new book, ’The Wild Turmeric Cure.’  This fascinating bookdetails reversing inflammation, and chronic pain, with wild turmeric.  Dr Ingram provides a passionate and compelling account of the power of wild growing turmeric, the many diseases it can help as well as the different forms in which to take it.  This includes his own special recipe for turmeric milk! If you would like to purchase a copy please visit http://www.oliveleaf.co.uk/Shop/p-2429-Wild-Turmeric-Cure.html

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21 December 2016

The high cost of not getting enough sleep...

You know the feeling… that nagging doubt that you are not going to be able to get to sleep.  Or worse, falling asleep only to wake up again and glance at the clock in despair.  You are not alone.  Increasingly more of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep and a recent report suggests that we pay a high price for it. 

We have long known that sleep deprivation can have a huge impact on mental and physical wellbeing but a new study highlights the extent. At the not-for-profit research organisation RAND Europe, sleep deprivation leads to a higher mortality risk. Those sleeping less than six hours a night are 13% more likely to die earlier than those getting seven to nine hours (sleeping between seven and nine hours per night is described as the “healthy daily sleep range”).  Furthermore, they calculate that sleep-deprived workers are costing the UK economy £40bn a year.  In total, the UK loses just over 200,000 working days a year due to sleep deprivation among its workforce.

Marco Hafner, a research leader at RAND Europe and the report's main author, says “Our study shows that the effects from a lack of sleep are massive. Sleep deprivation not only influences an individual's health and wellbeing but has a significant impact on a nation's economy, with lower productivity levels and a higher mortality risk among workers.”

The cause of sleep deprivation varies from person to person but there are some tips to help you get a good nights sleep including:

  • Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day

  • Exercising during the day (a 30 minute walk is great)

  • Limiting the use of electronic devices in the evening and banishing them from the bedroom

  • Replacing your caffeinated drink with a herbal tea or decaffeinated alternative before bed

In addition to the above tips taking a natural supplement designed to support sleep and wellness may benefit you.  Calm yourself to sleep through the powers of organic hemp plus hops with OregaHemp Pm which is naturally designed to support sleep function.  Hemp oil is claimed to stimulate better balance in all key systems of the body: immune, nervous system, digestive, circulatory, detoxication and more.   It can also be used at anytime to help you relax.  

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9 November 2016

Everyone's talking about Autumn


It doesnt seem to matter where you turn at the moment but everyone is talking about Autumn... whether its articles about the joys of pullling on your wellies and going for a walk in the leaves, blogs about hot chocolates or instagram photos of pulling on your cashmere socks, everyone is at it.  Now we love all of the above but do we need social media to point it out to us?  Maybe not.  But the changing of the seasons is always a good reminder to stop and think.  Have we got the right clothes out of the loft? have we got enough wood to get us through the weekend?  Are we taking care of ourselves as well as we should?  Taking care of ourselves is something most of us dont do quite well enough; it always seems to come towards the bottom of the pile.  But here at Tigon we love the old adage 'you can't pour from an empty cup'.  In other words you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others.  This is never truer than as the seasons of coughs and colds approach.

It can often be mind boggling thinking about how we can prepare ourselves for the long winter months.  Hot lemon and honey is a favourite of ours to kick start your morning along with foods rich in vitamin D.  If you want to take a natural supplement Olive leaf extract is a potent antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic supplement, ideal for this time of year.  

So as you pull on thse wellies and go for those Auntumnal walks then take a moment to think about the winter months ahead and take care of yourself the best way you can.

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4 November 2016

Oral Health - first line for health defence


Healthy pink gums with low levels of bacteria are rare amongst many of the population due to poor oral cleansing – that is lack of regular brushing after meals to remove food debris, using too hard a brush often too harshly and over use of flossing to get into tough places between teeth, all cause gums to bleed. Once the gum membrane is broken and bleed gems that are present in the mouth (and at any one time there can be up to thirty differing bacteria’s present) have an easy pathway into your blood system. It is a well known fact that a great percentage of heart disease problems can be traced back to poor gum health and if food particles get into the blood via the gums there are a variety of infections that can occur.

Trend today is for whiter teeth but we forget to take good care of the gums but a simple solution is at hand – use the power of mother nature found within natural extracts such as P73 oil of wild oregano which is one of the most potent natural germ killers available, Add just 2-3 drops to your tooth brush each time you brush, ideally using a chemical free toothpaste which has oregano in it such as OregaFresh. Oregano not only kills germs but also helps reduce plaque leading to fewer trips to visit the hygienist for scrapping away tartar build up.

Should you experience a gum infection or indeed have a toothache consider using OregaDent which along with oregano also includes oil of cloves which helps to reduce pain. Use on tooth brush but for bad cases soak a piece of cotton wool and wedge between gum and cheek and hold for as long as possible to allow oils to penetrate into gums and destroy the infection.

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