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A wonderful source of flavonoids and Proanthocyanodins.

Cranberries are a girl's best friend - and this is the best you will ever have!A unique "Purple Food" favored by some celebraties for their potent anti-oxidant properties.Not to be compared with the cranberries farmed and used to make juices (too much sugar), these wild berries are hand picked and "cold pressed" right where they are growing using a mobile laboratory to bring to you a wonderful source of flavonoids and Proanthocyanodins. Just check out the colour and purity of taste. Extracted from the same 15 feet high cranberry bushes growing in the wilderness of Northern Canada which were traditionally used by the natives. Chemical and GMO free. Contains: wild high bush Cranberry and preservitol (an all natural spice oil preservative) Presentation: NEW Economy size - 60ml dropper bottle (over 800 drops)

Wild high bush cranberry, preservatol.

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