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Garlex 30ml


Extract of mineral rich mountain grown Garlic

All natural ingredients

  • Coriander
  • Oregano

Garlic has been used extensively from centuries by peoples across the world, from the Eygptians and ancient Greeks through to modern times for its various health related benefits including helping to maintain normal healthy function of the heart, arteries and circulatory system. Many products on the market take commercially farmed garlic from nutrient depleted lands and claim deodorised properties - a chemical or heat process which destroys some of the active compound Allicin.

Garlex is unique - its liquid is extracted from mineral rich mountain grown garlic, cold extracted and fortified with spice oils to keep all the goodness as nature intended, thus making it the most potent garlic complex available.

Contains: cold pressed Garlic oil, extra virgin olive oil, wild Coriander oil, Basil oil and wild Oregano oil.

Presentation: 30ml dropper bottle

Extra Virgin Olive oil, cold-pressed garlic oil, wild coriander oil, basil oil, wild oregano oil P73

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