Product Ref | 4010

Germ-a-Clenz 120ml pump spray


An antimicrobial spray whcih is safe to use anywhere

All natural ingredients

  • Oregano

This 100% natural antimicrobial spray is safe to use anywhere - even around children and pets!!It is made from edible oil and spice extracts, including wild oregano, and has hundreds of applications around the home and workplace. Ideal for those alergic to chemical based sprays.When travelling, and even for personal use, we suggest you carry the "air-line friendly" handy 60ml travel spray at all times.For the home keep in the bathroom and kitchen the economical 120ml spray (contains 1000 sprays) to destroy odors and germs. Ideal for pets bedding.

120ml natural pump spray

Carvacrol phenol, thymol phenol, cuminaldehyde phenol, natural wild spice essences.

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