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OregaFresh Toothpaste


100% Natural fluoride free toothpaste

All natural ingredients

  • Oregano
  • Sage

100% Natural fluoride free toothpaste - Mint flavourInfused with the power of P73 oregano brushing daily with OregaFresh helps reduce dental plaque, freshens breath and promotes oral health without use of harmful chemicals. Ideal for sensitive gums, sore gums, bad breath, canker sores, dentures, baby teeth, children and even for pets.This sugar free toothpaste has - No dyes, No glycerin, No glycol, No sulfates, No parabens, No sodium lauryl sulfate, No fluoride and is non-GMO.

Mountain Spring water, calcium, carbonate, peppermint, spearmint, wild oregano P73, Sage, Rhatany, root, geranium, clove bud oil, birch tree extract, eucalyptus leaf oil, papaya extract.

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