7th August 2017
By Lucy

Introducing Canacurmin... A Turmeric-Hemp powerhouse

We are so excited to be introducing Canacurmin, the new kid on the block from our firends at North American Herb and Spice (NAHS).  Canacurmin combines the power of wild turmeric and organic hemp stalk extract to support a whole body nervous system and healthy anti-inflammatory response. As you would expect from the clever people at NAHS the quality of the product is exceptional.  THe hemp stalk extract is certified organic and the tumeric extract is 100% wild.  The tumeric is made exclusively from the wild-growing spice thriving without farming or cultivation and, because it is wild, it is free of all pesticides and herbicides.  This, combined with the fact that supercritical CO2 extraction is used (meaning it is rich in all the naturally occurring compounds found in both hemp stalk and turmeric) makes Canacurmin a powerhouse not to miss.  To give an added boost it also contains synergizing spice oils, wild oils or oregano and rosemary, and organic source ginger!

Canacurmin is free of all GMOs and no GM substances are used in processing,  It is also free of all chemical additives and excipients just as it should be!

Visit: https://www.oliveleaf.co.uk/turmeric-range   for more informatiom.

Canacurmin 60Ml