11th June 2019
By Emmalene

No matter what the season germs are everywhere. Places you wouldn't really think of but when you do... You feel ill just thinking about them. A study at the University of Arizona found that shopping trolley handles were dirtier than a public toilet. In fact, of the handles they tested, 72% of them showed traces of faecal matter. Now that's just disgusting!

Protect yourself with Germa Clenz germicidal spray; use this environmental safe antiseptic whenever in public places and ideally on your hands to help prevent transmission of infection.

Just £9.50 gets you a small travel size bottle containing approx. 500 sprays – carry it with you and stay protected!!

For further information call 01664485001 or visit https://www.oliveleaf.co.uk/germ-a-clenz-60ml-pump-spray