14th September 2016
By Lucy

It doesnt seem to matter where you turn at the moment but everyone is talking about Autumn... whether its articles about the joys of pullling on your wellies and going for a walk in the leaves, blogs about hot chocolates or instagram photos of pulling on your cashmere socks, everyone is at it.  Now we love all of the above but do we need social media to point it out to us?  Maybe not.  But the changing of the seasons is always a good reminder to stop and think.  Have we got the right clothes out of the loft? have we got enough wood to get us through the weekend?  Are we taking care of ourselves as well as we should?  Taking care of ourselves is something most of us dont do quite well enough; it always seems to come towards the bottom of the pile.  But here at Tigon we love the old adage 'you can't pour from an empty cup'.  In other words you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others.  This is never truer than as the seasons of coughs and colds approach.

It can often be mind boggling thinking about how we can prepare ourselves for the long winter months.  Hot lemon and honey is a favourite of ours to kick start your morning along with foods rich in vitamin D.  If you want to take a natural supplement Olive leaf extract is a potent antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic supplement, ideal for this time of year.

So as you pull on thse wellies and go for those Auntumnal walks then take a moment to think about the winter months ahead and take care of yourself the best way you can.