2nd September 2016
By Lucy

BBC Radio 2 has today been talking about ticks and mentions that two thirds of dogs have been found to carry them at one stage or other – picked up from walks in parks and grasslands. Ticks at are not just an annoyance for your pet but can be deadly dangerous to you too especially f one them is carrying Lyme Disease and happens to bite you!!

Oil of P73 wild Oregano is the ideal antiseptic for combating ticks, if it is still attached saturate a cotton ball and cover the tick, it should die promptly and when you are certain it’d dead remove with tweezers making sure no remnants remain.

 Ideally prevent them from coming near you by using Germ-a-Clenz spray around ankles and exposed areas of skin such as your neck. For dogs spray onto their fur and brush through both before taking them out and then again when back indoors.

Germ A  Clenz 60Ml Pump Spray