4th November 2016
By Lucy

Healthy pink gums with low levels of bacteria are rare amongst many of the population due to poor oral cleansing – that is lack of regular brushing after meals to remove food debris, using too hard a brush often too harshly and over use of flossing to get into tough places between teeth, all cause gums to bleed. Once the gum membrane is broken and bleed gems that are present in the mouth (and at any one time there can be up to thirty differing bacteria’s present) have an easy pathway into your blood system. It is a well known fact that a great percentage of heart disease problems can be traced back to poor gum health and if food particles get into the blood via the gums there are a variety of infections that can occur.

Trend today is for whiter teeth but we forget to take good care of the gums but a simple solution is at hand – use the power of mother nature found within natural extracts such as P73 oil of wild oregano which is one of the most potent natural germ killers available, Add just 2-3 drops to your tooth brush each time you brush, ideally using a chemical free toothpaste which has oregano in it such as OregaFresh. Oregano not only kills germs but also helps reduce plaque leading to fewer trips to visit the hygienist for scrapping away tartar build up.

Should you experience a gum infection or indeed have a toothache consider using OregaDent which along with oregano also includes oil of cloves which helps to reduce pain. Use on tooth brush but for bad cases soak a piece of cotton wool and wedge between gum and cheek and hold for as long as possible to allow oils to penetrate into gums and destroy the infection.

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