14th November 2017
By Lucy

Move over Oranges, there's a new berry in town...

Whilst many people reach for Oranges and Vitamin C supplements when they have a cold not many people understand why Vitamin C is so important to overall general health.  Vitamin C is a total powerhouse in the vitamin world and here’s why…

Vitamin C contributes to normal immune systems support which is critical to overall wellbeing and has several important functions including helping to protect cells and keep them healthy, maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage, helping with wound healing and increasing the amount of iron we can absorb from plant sources such as kale.  An antioxidant that may protect against damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals Vitamin C is a real warrior in the quest for wellness.

Vitamin C is water soluble which can’t be stored in the body which means we need it every day.  Whilst it is found in a wide variety of fruit and vegetables it can be hard to always know if we are consistently getting the required amount, so many people take a daily supplement.

We love our Purely-C bursting with wild camu camu berry sourced from the Amazon.  This rare but amazing fruit contains around 30 times more vitamin C than an orange and contains the whole vitamin C complex!  Plus, the vitamin C from the camu camu is naturally buffered and highly bioavailable, since the fruit is a dense source of trace minerals.  The acerola cherry and Rhus Coriaria found in Purely C are also unique, bioflavonoid-rich sources of vitamin C.

Purely-C is a raw food source of Vitamin C.  Unlike many synthetic vitamin C supplements Purely-C is natural, raw, non-chemical, potent and completely free of GMOs and corn.  This versatile food supplement can be taken as daily capsules or opened and mixed with food, juices or smoothies (and who doesn’t like the excuse for a smoothie!)

Available at www.oliveleaf.co.uk/purely-c