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Resvital Vegi capsules


Naturally helps maintain normal heart, venous and arterial function

Whole Raw Red Sour Grape Powder in convenient to take 500mg vegi-caps.Naturally helps maintain normal heart, venous and arterial function (like red wine but without the alcohol). It is the only product made from the entire red sour grape - including vine, skin, pulp and seeds. It is from hand picked mountain grown grapes that are free of solvents and fungicides. Unlike mere grape seed extracts Resvital is a more natural and potent source of antioxidants and oligomeric pro-anthocyandins (OPC's), of which resveratrol is one receiving much aclaim among researchers (for more information about resveratrol please e-mail: Contains: Red Sour Grape powder (taken from sun rippen vines close to the Caspian sea) Presentation: 90 vegicaps NB: Also available in powder form for mixing with smoothies and sprinkling on foods such as breakfaste cereals

Red Sour grape powder.

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