Natural Cures for Diabetes

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Discover the hormonal and infection connections to Diabetes and how to naturally reverse them.

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Finally, a simple and effective way to cure diabetes — without drugs. In Dr. Cass Ingram’s Natural Cures for Diabetes by Dr Cass Ingram, you will find the optimal easy-to-apply diet plus the most powerful nutritional supplements for reversing diabetes as well as hypoglycemia. Learn the proven powers of special therapies, based on wild spices , which are superior to anti-diabetes drugs, even insulin. Dr. Ingram shows you what foods, herbs, spices, vitamins and minerals directly fight and reverse this disease, plus dozens of recipes.

Reverse diabetes quickly through the power of natural cures.

Diabetes can be cured.

It is a nutritional disease. Learn how eating healthy, tasty food can reverse this disorder. Lower your blood sugar naturally with food as well as wild herbs and spices. Learn the causes and cures of diabetes. Discover a natural remedy which dramatically reverses this disorder better than drugs.

  • Lose weight
  • improve circulation
  • cleanse the body of germs
  • normalise blood sugar

all through natural medicines that are ideal for all types of diabetes as well as hypoglycemia.

Presentation: 330 page book