ToxiPurge Liquid 60ml

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Wild zeolite powder (clinoptilolite) 45mg, red bentonite clay, edible diatomaceous earth, wild oregano oil emulsion, organic coriander oil, organic raw cider vinegar, CO2 extract ginger oil.

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All natural ingredients


ToxiPurge sublingual drops are maximum strength, edible zeolite (clinoptilolite) and red bentonite clay fortified with wild oregano P73 oil emulsion, coriander oil, ginger oil, and diatomaceous earth.Spice oil-activated, ToxiPurge is potent, since these oils increase its cleansing and binding power. Take ToxiPurge drops with any detoxification program, especially for supporting healthy cleansing of heavy metals. Research has shown that zeolite, bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth support healthy detoxification.

Presentation: 60ml Bottle with dropper

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Coriander, Ginger, Oregano