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Pure earth minerals Freshwater humic & fulvic acids / Rare red bentonite clay / Wild African baobabPurely-Min is the power of wild-source, freshwater fulvic and humic acids combined with rare red bentonite clay, wild African baobab, and crushed, wild whole food oregano. These compounds offer the complex mineral substances found in the earth’s most fertile soils which are direly needed by the body. When unique, earth-derived minerals are used, they act as powerful nutritional substances which have the amazing ability to deliver useful substances, while also binding to and allowing the elimination of toxins. For these benefits all the complexes in Purely-Min are ideal. Purely-Min delivers ancient minerals, including calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, and dozens of other ancient trace minerals not known since prehistoric times. It even delivers trace amounts of natural cesium, europium, cobalt, iodine, nickel, germanium, and strontium. The consumption of these pure and clean natural-form minerals over time has the ability to displace the unnatural, unwanted types out of the body. Humic and fulvic acids are organic binding agents which form complexes with minerals, as well as heavy metals. A key feature of these acids is their molecular looseness, which allows them to expand and then trap noxious molecules. In nature these acids serve a special function by trapping minerals to make them more available to plants. In humans these biologically charged compounds serve a variety of useful functions. They act as delivery agents, providing much-needed minerals to the cells. In contrast, humic and fulvic acids also act as binding agents, targeting heavy metals and other unnatural substances, allowing them to be purged. This capability was reported in the Journal of Radio analytical and Nuclear Chemistry, as humic acid was found to aggressively interact with the noxious adioisotopes cesium-137, strontium-85, europium-152, and plutonium-239.Furthermore, the amazing nutritional benefits of delivering healthy minerals while driving out toxins are only derived from truly clean humic and fulvic acids, as found in Purely-Min. Presentation: Powder 142g