Hempanol Super Strength 50’s


Super Strength cold extracted hemp oil

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All natural ingredients


100% raw, CO2 extracted organic hemp with raw CO2 extracted P73 wild oregano   Top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene Hempanol is the highest grade whole food organic hemp extract available. Made from the stems and stalks this is the CO2 extract of hemp which means it is 100% raw and captures all the key ingredients including full spectrum of cannabinoids and the all important super potent terpene beta caryophyllene. Do not accept cheap and inferior imitations made from heat treated or solvent extracted hemp stalks. A true whole food substance super potent terpene beta caryophyllene is the most natural CB2 receptor activator known and it is found in rich amounts in CO2 hemp and CO2 wild oregano. The oregano P73 helps activate and synergise the hemp. Other key compounds are cannabinoids, wild carvacrol, wild thymol and wild aromatic esters. Hempanol is a CBD-rich, crude, whole food, unaltered form of hemp with the full natural terpene complex.

Available in either Regular Strength, or this 300% stronger Super Strength

Presentation: 50 gelcaps

(not suitable for vegetarians)

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